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When I first met Yasmine about 2 years ago

she was hard at work completing her studies as a health and beauty therapist, and not just any ‘ordinary’ therapist.

Born on Java, Indonesia, Yasmine is now  internationally and highly qualified and specialises in the most wonderful Asian massage techniques,treatments, products and beauty therapies, as well as the more traditional items such as facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing.

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She also offers a most delicious menu of treatments such as a yummy sounding Balinese coffee scrub, an aromatic 3-Bean scrub and a Mandi Lulur scrub that uses (listen to this) aromatic rice powder, turmeric, ginger, Jasmine essential oil AND a yoghurt coating to finish off!!!. …a treatment traditionally reserved as a bridal ritual for royalty  (read all about this in the ‘Treatment’ section of her website!)

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Her sweet and gentle nature and generous spirit automatically draws people to her, and, as we live close by to each other, we became friends.
(It was my privilege to photograph her wedding.)
The exchange of our skills resulted in a series of some favourite interior and still life shots and a very special facial!

Yasmine has now made her home,her new life, and her beautifully appointed Chantique Sanctuary, far from her original country, in the Constantia valley, in Cape Town.

However, roots and connections still run deep and Yasmine  uses products that support home industries on the Southern Indonesian shores of Bali that work in harmony with human resources and the natural environment. These include a selection of beautifully fragrant aromatic massage oils .

indonesian spa-aromatic oils-treatments-health and beauty-chantique salon-cape town-constantia

A most wonderful experience awaits when one steps inside and hears Yasmine say “selamat datang”.
A really special gift  for a good friend or highly recommended for brides as a pre wedding series of treatments!

yasmine of chantique indonesian spa-cape town-constantia

Thanks for your special friendship, Yasmine!
Read more about Yasmine and her Chantique Sanctuary
or call her on 072 909 7375

health and beauty spa-indonesian-aromatic oils-chantique salon-cape town-constantia-health and beauty

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  1. Cintiaq
    August 20, 2010
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    i absolutely agree with you. she is an amazing therapist and a fabulous human being..

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