celine and mathieu (part1)

by posted on June 21st, 2012 in blog, weddings

Celine and Mathieu, a Belgian couple, and their respective families and close friends (35 all together) traveled to South Africa

to celebrate their wedding in Cape Town. The couple had already done the legal marriage in the Court in Belgium

and this time they were formalizing their wedding before the Church.

Celine’s parents have a long friendship with the priest who married them many years ago and now he was tying the knot

between their daughter and Mathieu, this time in Africa.

The ceremony was held in the Catholic church in Gugulethu,

presided over by two Catholic priests and a full African choir.

The reception was celebrated in the Pure Restaurant at the Hout Bay Manor Boutique Hotel on a glorious warm sunny day.

We went to Gugs (Gugulethu to locals) on the Friday to look at the church, meet with the two priests and the choir master,

and then off to meet the locals for a drink at Mzoli’s place.

where  Mathieu received loads of advice from a number of the ‘old’ married men.

The wedding day was clear and warm and filled with anticipation

that the day of  seriousness, great celebration and fun had finally arrived.

Today was the day to don beautiful wedding outfits, out of this world shoes (more later!)

and where the coolest bride I have ever photographed was still catching a tan at the pool when I arrived to start the shoot!

(what makes you think I may have a shoe fetish, especially if they are Jimmy Choos)

Celine was amazing! 40 minutes before we were due to leave for the church, she quckly pinned her long hair into an elegant up style,

sprayed on Dolce and Gabbana, did a seriously professional  make-up,

zipped into her gorgeous gown, slipped into her Jimmy Choos and was ready to have fun!

it was a traditional wedding in many ways, the big difference was that Celine and Mathieu had been married legally a few months ago,
so there was no worries about seeing each other prior to the Church ceremony.
to follow in the next post is the story of the wedding itself………………………….

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