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by posted on February 26th, 2013 in blog, photography

When Judy Badenhorst of River Cafe and Old Cape Farmstall fame

asked me to shoot her new venture, the food of  the new cafe at the Casa Labia, I jumped to it immediately!

It took two days, a great assistant, Irene Stephenson, lots of  cooking, beautiful plates of very very delicious food,

and of course, what every one asks about food photography, we got to taste these sublime creastions

CasaLabia Food 2_218e

CasaLabia Food 2_207e

CasaLabia Food 2_196e

CasaLabia Food 2_184

CasaLabia Food 2_172e

CasaLabia Food 2_158e

CasaLabia Food 2_153e

CASA Labia Food1_107e

CASA Labia Food1_100eed

CASA Labia Food1_041

CASA Labia Food1_030e

food photography - Casa Labia tea & muffins

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